User Magnet Time Requests

Access to NHMFL magnets is open to all scientists via a competitive proposal process, and all user facilities accept proposals throughout the year from new and returning users.

To request magnet time, follow the steps below.

Recommended for NEW Users

Returning Users

  • Did you know you can add an experiment by clicking "Duplicate" on the experiment page and only need to adjust the dates and attach the prior results file?

How to Request Magnet Time:



A proposal is required for magnet time requests in all facilities. It must be uploaded as one (1) PDF file (not separate sections) and must include the following:

  • Up to 3 page description of the proposed science and/or technology development, including broader impacts of the work.
  • Up to 1 page description of the previous relevant work.
  • 2 page Biographical Sketch of PI (Bio-Sketch Template).

Prior Results Report:

Users applying for the DC Field facility need to prepare a Prior Results Report. This needs to be uploaded during the online experiment submission process only. We prefer that you use our report template.


Click Here to link to Users System.


Provide Information Online

The online submission process involves uploading your pre-prepared files and providing detailed information about the proposed experiment, specifically:

  • Choosing the system(s) you would like to use
  • Funding source information
  • Sample(s) Information
  • Provide demographic information for every collaborator
  • Experimental plan
  • Schedule request

User MUST login using the link in Step #2 to submit the request.


Acknowledgements & User Reporting

Publications, presentations, or other activities or products resulting from use of Magnet Lab facilities should include the following acknowledgement:

  • A portion of this work was performed at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, which is supported by National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement No. DMR-1157490 and the State of Florida.

The National Science Foundation requires that the Magnet Lab collect and report the scientific activities of the laboratory. To this end:

  • Users are required to submit brief, 1-page research reports to the laboratory at year-end.
  • Users are required to report to the laboratory – in a timely manner -- all publications; talks; books and other one-time publications; Ph.D. and Master degrees; and other activities resulting from use of Magnet Lab facilities.


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